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Retreat Strategy Coaching Program







Retreat Strategy Coaching Program






Dreaming of leading yoga retreats?

Then you're right where you need to be, my friend.

Retreats are Such an amazing opportunity for you to: 

  • Expand your teaching beyond the yoga studio
  • Offer a transformational experience for your students
  • Create an additional income stream + cultivate more financial freedom
  • Travel to places you always dreamed of while doing what you love -yoga!
  • Elevate your yoga business and grow as a yoga teacher
  • Feel empowered and confident as a retreat leader
  • Build community + grow your dream yoga tribe


Pretty amazing, right?!

Yoga retreats can be truly transformational for you, your students, and your yoga biz.

However, leading a retreat is not really a vacation.

This is heart-centered work that can be oh-so fulfilling and fun... yet A LOT goes in to actually making your retreat a success. 

There's quite a bit of planning that needs to happen.

The problem is that fear and overwhelm can kick in -- faster than you can bust a handstand-- when you don't have a clear strategy to make your retreat a success.

And the doubts start creeping up...

"CAN I really do this?"

  • What if nobody signs-up?
  • How can I compete with all the other yoga retreats out there?
  • Will I make ENOUGH MONEY to make it worthwhile?

Take a Deep breath.

We got your back! 

All you need is some GUIDANCE + SUPPORT (keep scrollin' for that my friend!)

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Retreat Strategy Coaching Call

Retreat Strategy Coaching Call

We want to help you make your retreat dream a success.


We learned how to plan retreats by lots of trial and error, putting in a lot of time, energy and money. Combined we have 10+ years of planning & leading local and international retreats. And with all our learning lessons & successes, we created a step-by-step system for how to plan, market & lead successful retreats. 


Our mission is to help yoga teachers THRIVE in their yoga careers by leading transformational + profitable yoga retreats. 

It all comes down to having a plan, a roadmap, that works. 

Everything from identifying your ideal students, creating a unique retreat theme, finding your location, figuring out your budget and pricing, and of course authentic + down to earth retreat marketing. 

That's where we come in to help.

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Retreat Strategy Support

Retreat Strategy Support

here's How we help you

In the Retreat Strategy Coaching Program, we draw from our RETREAT DESIGN MAP online training and tailor each session to your specific needs. We'll also help you create an action plan to move forward in your retreat planning journey. 

We'll help you:

  • Gain clarity in your retreat purpose

  • Identify WHO you most want to serve

  • Clarify your unique gifts and strengths

  • Strategize HOW you can authentically share your message + connect with potential students and fill your retreat

We'll also help you move through obstacles that may arise and limiting beliefs that may be holding you back. 

Whether it's a mental hurdle you want to work on "Can I really charge this much? Will the students like my retreat?"

... Or a more practical question "Should I do a local retreat or travel abroad? What extra activities should I offer?".

The coaching Program Details

Retreat Strategy Coaching Program: 

  • 2 month commitment to laser-focused personalized guidance in your retreat planning journey
  • Bi-weekly Retreat Strategy 1 hour calls each month 
  • Weekly emails to help keep you inspired, stay focused & on task. We'll send a follow-up email from our coaching session + om-work for you to take action + stay organized. 

What you'll get from this Program:

  • Clarity - We'll help you get crystal clear on WHY you want to lead retreats, WHO you most want to serve, and HOW to create unique, irresistible offerings for your students. 

  • Focus - This program will help you stay laser-focused in growing your yoga biz with retreats. When you're focused on your WHY (your purpose), it's easier to make decisions in alignment your vision and the needs & desires of your students. 

  • Action - Mindset is such a big part of being a yoga teacher, planning retreats, and owning your own business. But we also want you to take ACTION! At the end of each session we'll give you "om-work" to help you take action + make your retreat dreams happen.   

  • Personal Guidance + Accountability - We know it can a lonely world sometimes working for yourself. But you don't have to do it all alone. We're here to give you personalized feedback and guidance that aligns with your unique vision, goals, and values for your yoga retreat biz. We'll also help you look at the overall big picture of your yoga biz, and how your retreats can be a compliment to your other offerings, and vice verse. And we'll help you create an action plan to manifest your dream yoga business. 

Jump on the phone with us (for free!) to chat about how the Retreat Strategy Coaching Program can help you. 

This Program is based on the principles of our online training, the Retreat Design Map.


The 8 limbs of planning a successful retreat

1. Your Why & Vision (initial stages of retreat planning)

Get clear and connect with your WHY to create an authentic RETREAT VISION. Learn how to set the foundation that will allow you to create a yoga retreat aligned with your purpose.

2. Identify your Ideal Retreat Clients

Identify + attract the ideal students for your retreat. This is the secret sauce to retreat planning. What do they want and need from a yoga retreat? How can you create a beautiful retreat experience just for them? How can yoga retreats help you to build an amazing yoga tribe long-term?

3. Design Your Retreat

Choose a yoga retreat theme that is true to WHO you are and aligned with your Ideal Retreat Clients. Once you are clear on this, the spirit of your retreat theme becomes the "red-thread" you can weave into your entire retreat planning process (including your location, marketing colors, menu and yoga classes).

4. Down to the details: Travel, Schedule, Location, Name, Date + More

Break down the steps you need to take in the planning process so that everything works smoothly? How do you design a well-balanced and transformational experience for your retreat students? How do you deal with the travel and group activities/excursions? How much downtime do you need to schedule in?

5. Budget & Pricing

Learn how to set the price for your retreat so that you can make a profit from it (always!). Get clear on your expenses, keep track of your budget and pay yourself what you deserve for all the hard work.

6. How to Promote Your Retreat

Forget the sleazy marketing strategies we all really dislike. Instead, learn how to AUTHENTICALLY COMMUNICATE & EDUCATE your students about the value of your yoga retreats. Build a tribe that is excited and ready to "jump" on your retreats with our online strategy that can help you grow you yoga tribe everyday.

7. During Your Retreat

Prepare for the best retreat experience possible for your students, even when things go wrong. Know how to hold space during long periods of time without feeling burned out and depleted. Work through feelings of fear and self-doubt regarding your retreat, and become a confident and inspiring retreat leader. 

8. Evergreen Strategy

Learn how to effectively incorporate retreats on a regular basis to grow your yoga business. This is online strategy that can build your yoga tribe over time and help you always SELL OUT your retreats.

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Invest In Yourself

Invest In Yourself

Ready to get started?

Register for the REtreat Strategy Coaching Program below 

this is what our coaching students have to say

"My coaching call with Renee and Paloma at RYYR was truly a private yogic experience from the opening grounding exercise to their presence to their yoga retreat expertise. The call was customized to meet and support my needs for my very first yoga retreat. Thank you! You ladies rock!" - Carolyn Ruszala

“Renee and Paloma have helped me jump start my yoga and Pilates retreat planning for 2017. I feel so much more supported and confident in creating my first solo yoga retreat. Renee and Paloma have shared a wealth of information from their collective years of experience so I don’t feel like I have to “reinvent the wheel.” - Karen Moore

"I honestly would not have even known to do much of this (such as the registration form) if it hadn’t been for the guidance of Rock Your Yoga Retreat.  I look back and think of all the mistakes I would have made if I hadn’t used this program.  From marketing my retreat to planning the schedule for the day, to deciding what I would charge, things came together so smoothly and naturally, as if I had been doing this for years but really, it was because of Rock Your Yoga Retreat." - Yesica Rodriguez