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having a thriving yoga business where you get to lead yoga retreats around the world, while making a sustainable living & growing your yoga tribe?

But Do you struggle with

living paycheck to paycheck, growing your following, and feeling uncomfortable with marketing & selling your yoga classes, workshops, and retreats?

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we can help you grow your business with yoga retreats

Hi there! We're so glad you're here. We are Renee and Paloma: Biz partners, moms, and travel-yogis.

Together we have organized yoga retreats for over 10 years, and it has changed our lives and our yoga careers {Read about our journey here}. After leading many retreats, we have created a retreat planning process that works. We want to share that knowledge and experience with you.

Our Mission

We want to help you elevate your teaching career, transform your students' lives, and travel the world while doing what you LOVE. Our mission is to show you how to travel, teach, and thrive by incorporating retreats into your business.


Travel and explore the world while doing what you love

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Teach yoga and make it your full-time career


Build a conscious yoga business and tribe that thrives

get started Right away

Why wait?! Download a FREE 10 STEP CHECKLIST we created for you to get you started planning successful dream retreats. Click below and it's yours!

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Create Your Dream Yoga Retreat







Create Your Dream Yoga Retreat







Yoga Retreats

Yoga teachers all over the world are choosing to host their own retreats as a way to grow and elevate their yoga business while inspiring their students in unimaginable ways.

Yoga + Travel = an amazing combo for both you & your students!

  • Create a space for transformation and healing
  • Help your students deepen their practice
  • Grow your community and strengthen your connection with your tribe
  • Have the income to support the lifestyle you love
  • Stay true to yourself in your yoga journey
  • Tap into your creative and expressive self
  • Expand your teaching ten-fold
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Grow Your Yoga Business





Grow Your Yoga Business





grow your yoga business

Incorporating yoga retreats into your business offers many benefits. However, you need to get the steps right to lead a transformational, successful, and profitable yoga retreat.

Unfortunately, many yoga teachers struggle with retreat planning. Last minute cancellation of yoga retreats happen far too often due to lack of financial planning, poor preparation and budgeting, lack of marketing knowledge, and no help along the way.


Planning awesome retreats takes Knowledge + Preparation + Planning + Patience


To make your retreat unique and stand out in the crowd. To get students to sign up and to build your retreat tribe for future retreats. To make your retreats financially sustainable and profitable.


To have the right tools to lead retreat groups beyond the comfort of the studio. To be able to hold space for your students for extended periods of time. To feel confident and inspired with retreat planning process.  


To get your budget ready, accommodations booked, website and social media pages up and running, marketing mapped out, legal stuff straight, travel arrangements set, payment systems in place... and the list goes on. 


To have patience with yourself and the process when things don't go as planned. Mindset in retreat planning is equally important as all the practical nuts & bolts. Planning retreats takes time and effort, but pays off ten-fold if you do it right.

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You may be Wondering

  • Can I really do this?
  • Is my teaching good enough?
  • How can I compete with all the other yoga teachers and retreats?
  • Will I fail to fill my retreat?
  • Will my students like my retreat?
  • How do I even begin?

All you need is a little help

We had these doubts and fears, too. Sometimes they creep up again. But we now have the tools and knowledge we need to create amazing retreat experiences and to overcome the planning process anxiety. We learned to do this through trial and error, and we want to share our knowledge with you.

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