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DO YOU DREAM OF having a thriving yoga business?

Where you get to teach yoga from the heart, grow your dream tribe, lead yoga retreats around the world while feeling empowered, successful and confident in your business. 

But do you struggle with:

  • Not knowing how to create a financially thriving business or career that supports you.
  • Not sure what strategies you should use to grow your following and get more students in the door.
  • Maybe you feel overwhelmed with marketing and selling your classes, workshops, and retreats.
  • You know that you "need" a website and social media to get out there, but you're confused on how to get started and where to focus your time + energy on.

How do you build a thriving yoga business in alignment with your goals and dreams?

you've come to the right place


And I'm so glad you're here today.

H! I'm Paloma {mom, business owner, and travel-yogini}.

I've built two yoga related businesses and organized yoga retreats around the world for many years in partnership with my favorite teachers (learn more on my journey here).

I know how hard it is to go after your dreams and build a heart-centered business from the ground up.

It doesn't come easy. Not at all. And throwing in the {yoga} towel can be very tempting at times.


I'm here to share with you how to stop the struggle and start thriving in your business.

OUR Mission

Rock Your Yoga Retreat (RYYR) helps yoga teacher, healers, retreat facilitators and heart-centered entrepreneurs to Travel, Teach and Thrive.


Travel and explore the world while leading yoga retreats that transform your students' lives.

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Have a fulfilling career where you get to teach from the hear and share your gifts with the world.


Build a thriving, profitable & heart-centered business + a dream tribe with students/clients you're meant to serve.

We help you Travel, teach and Thrive in two ways:

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Grow Your Business

We help you building and grow a sustainable business that you love and that serves your students better.

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Lead yoga retreats

We teach you how to lead successful and transformational yoga retreats around the world.

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Grow Your Yoga Business






Grow Your Yoga Business







How to grow a Thriving business

I've met so many teachers and heart-centered entrepreneurs that are not making sustainable living in their yoga careers.

Why are they are struggling and feeling burned out? What are they missing?

In order to sell out your services, plan successful retreats, fill up your yoga classes and workshops, and thrive in your business you need to first build a solid FOUNDATION.

The FOUNDATION for your business

Just like a house needs a strong foundation to be a safe, and beautiful home to live in, your business needs the foundation upon which you can build a business that stands strong and is long-lasting.

When you don't have a clear foundation for your business, you have no grounding, no stability, and you feel confused about what the purpose of your business is.

When your business lacks the crucial foundation it needs to expand, and thrive, everything is at risk of collapsing at any moment.

what does this foundation look like?



Business Vision Clarity

To create a unique, authentic and purposeful business that is in alignment with your goals and dreams. A heart-centered business that is your home and feels just right to YOU.

Ideal Client Clarity

To build a loyal dream tribe that keeps coming back for more and that can't wait to sign up for your retreats, events, classes, privates, and workshops.

Profit Plan Clarity

To craft the right offers and services your students want and need. To make your business financially sustainable and profitable so that you can, not only pay the bills, but actually, live the lifestyle you desire and dream of.

Marketing & Reach Clarity

To connect with your students and potential students in a genuine way so that they resonate deeply with your message, your story and what you have to offer them.

Empowered Action Clarity

To understand what to focus and where to direct your action and energy. Most entrepreneurs feel overwhelmed due to all of the confusing and competing information out there on how to build a business. You need clarity on what steps you need to take next in your business, and feel empowered to make the right decisions. 

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Plan Your Dream Yoga Retreat







Plan Your Dream Yoga Retreat








Yoga Retreats

Yoga teachers all over the world are choosing to host their own retreats as a way to grow and elevate their yoga business while inspiring their students in unimaginable ways.

the benefits of leading yoga retreats are endless

  • Create a space for true transformation and healing
  • Help your students deepen their practice
  • Grow your community and strengthen your connection with your tribe
  • Have the income to support the lifestyle you love
  • Stay true to yourself in your yoga journey
  • Tap into your creative and expressive self
  • Expand your teaching beyond the studio

Lead successful and transformational yoga retreats

Learn how you can lead yoga retreats around the world while growing your yoga business and expanding your community.

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You may be Wondering

  • Can I really make it as a yoga teacher full time?
  • Can I truly grow this heart-centered business and make a living with it?
  • Do I have what it takes to build a thriving business?
  • Can I succesfully lead yoga retreats around the world?

The answer is YES!

All you need is some guidance and a road map to work with.

Building a thriving business may not be easy, but with some straight forward, knowledgeable guidance and clear action steps, you'll be on the right path to creating a business that you love.

That is where we come in to help you

You don't need to feel lost, or alone, or feel like you're swimming up stream without any help.

Read our Blog for tips and inspiration


Your community is waiting

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Travel, Teach & Thrive Community