Client Testimonials

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Lara Scriba -

Yoga Teacher

"Working with Paloma was such a powerful experience and gave me just the jumpstart I needed to step into true entrepreneurship. Teaching Yoga has been a passion for years, but I had trouble finding clarity in my message & my audience or niche. Not only was Paloma able to guide me through the process of building my business with clarity, authenticity & a deep sense of purpose, but also skillfully helped me to navigate and push through the many tech barriers that had been holding me back.  I looked forward to every week knowing I was going to exceed my goals. I was given practical, actionable steps each time we spoke allowing me to step into unfamiliar territory, feeling supported & building confidence as each task was completed. Thank you, Paloma, for guiding me with both grace & candor. With your attentive guidance, creativity & skill you've helped me bring to life the beginning a business I've been dreaming of for years!


Taylor Reilly - Green Roots Living

“Choosing to work with Paloma was among the smartest decisions I made as I was rebranding my company to include additional wellness offerings. Not only is she remarkably smart and savvy, but Paloma is also kind and authentic and compassionately lives a life of yoga. Paloma was able to help me find the hearts center of my business and proceed with an intelligent, conscious plan.

She has a wealth of knowledge and expertly guided me with copy and content creation, sales and marketing techniques, program development, and so much more. In addition, by sharing her proven successful systems of organization with me, Paloma helped me step-by-step with warm encouragement to help minimize the overwhelm as I navigated this exciting new venture. I look forward to many more projects with Paloma and would strongly recommend her to anyone looking to develop and grow their business.”

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Cheyenne Messig -

Playful Peace Yoga

“Before I started working with Paloma, I had so many ideas and visions, and plenty of motivation, but lacked a clear direction or a plan on how to turn my ideas into something that best served me and my community. I was working hard, but not necessarily towards anything. Paloma asked the right kinds of questions to help me gain clarity on exactly what I was offering to the community, and what my motivation was for sharing it. She talked me through how necessary and valuable it really was, and helped me see the monetary value of my time and efforts as well. Together we created a beautiful plan to ground down and organize my visions into a concrete business model; we put goals on the calendar, and made them happen!

While putting a goal on a calendar seems simple enough, it was so much more than that. It was knowing that every small box checked off of my to do list was part of fulfilling a greater purpose! She took the huge overwhelming task of deciding my path & starting my business and broke it down into manageable and achievable steps. She held a safe space for me to express my doubts and troubleshooted where I was standing in my own way.

We all have a little voice in our head that second guesses our ideas, and responsibilities in life that can take away from our creative flow. This mentorship showed me how to confront my doubts and turn them into lessons, and integrate my creative goals into my daily routine. I am so grateful for the guidance, direction, and confidence I found through this education. Working with Paloma was one of the wisest investments I have ever made in my future success. Before we worked together, I thought of my yoga business as a "someday" or a "maybe", and now its a reality, here before my eyes. I was teaching classes and "managing" a program, but not knowing what I needed to progress in my career. Now, I have created a brand for myself & the classes I teach, established a business, written a curriculum, and developed a teacher training! I am thrilled with the beautiful foundation we built together, and the drastically amazing progress I was able to make in such a short time. I cannot wait to see the rest of this journey unfold. Yay!”


REBECCA AUSTIN - Yoga on the beach

"Rock Your Yoga Retreat is the REAL deal! Paloma is an amazing human who helps yoga teachers manifest goals in a fun and fresh way! After enrolling in the Retreat Design Map Online course, I successfully led my first retreat AND made a profit. Retreat Guru Paloma helps you grow your business from the ground up. She’s even helped me find ways to continue retreat planning even though I’m in the throws of being a new mama to a baby girl. My dream retreat destination is Fiji, and I believe one day I will make that happen, thanks to Paloma. Rock Your Yoga Retreat gave me the tools and confidence to lead rocking retreats. Don’t think you can lead retreats? Trust me…you can do it with Rock Your Yoga Retreat."


Zoe Freedman - Flow With Zo

"Working with Paloma was like inhaling a deep breath of clarity and inspiration. Trying to figure out one's passion while simultaneously building a business around it, regardless of size or scope, is challenging. Paloma's array of business skills and expertise paired with her commitment to her own well-being and inner journey equips her to be immensely useful to professionals in the wellness and fitness industry. I have a lot of passion and energy but struggle with organization and accountability.

Over the course of our coaching sessions together, Paloma gave me implementable tools and assignments to take action to grow and focus my business on the areas that flow best. We started from the roots and grew the tree up from there. She guided me to find my "why" and make a clear mission statement, both of which I hadn't hoed in on all that well on my own.

Before working with Paloma I was struggling with organization, clarity, and knowing which direction(s) to grow in. After working with Paloma, I laid down a solid foundation to build up from, learned how to determine which opportunities or areas of growth make sense for me and which don't, and left with a variety of tools to increase revenue by doing what I love! Not to mention I gained volumes of confidence from the clarity I found through our work together. Suffice it to say that Paloma's clear guidance, encouragement, and accountability has helped me and my business begin to thrive. No matter where you are in your journey, if you feel the need for clarity, organization, and growth, I highly recommend working with Paloma, especially if you're a yoga instructor!"


Celi Baker - Soul Trips

“Paloma was and continues to be a great mentor for my company Soul Trips and for me personally. Before we started working together I had many ideas without focus, it was very hard to get things done because I didn’t know where to start, or how to connect with the right people.

She helped me understand the details of the specific marketing I needed to do to promote my company according to my target clients and my company’s values.

Working with Paloma is one of the best investments I’ve done for my company.”

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karla Rodas - La Vida Yoga Con Karla

“Working with Paloma was an inspiring and creative process. Paloma was so prepared and professional. She was able to bring out my vision for my yoga retreat and made the planning process smooth.

What sets Paloma apart is that she's a yogi herself, she understands setting intentions and trusting our intuition. She supported me and provided me with so much insight from her own experience doing this work--helping yoga teachers bring their visions to life. I would absolutely recommend working with Paloma and having her guide you in your yoga retreat business. Thank you, Paloma, for providing all of your expertise and guidance in planning my first yoga retreat!!”


Melissa & Laura - Yoga With Mom

“Before working with Paloma, my business partner Melissa and I had not yet put a training together online. We were struggling with where to start. We had so many questions about HOW to put our knowledge together in an online format and the best practices for doing so.

I really felt Paloma's care and attentiveness throughout the time we worked together. We were able to create a structure and execute the work necessary to create a solid foundation for building an online program. Our process felt expedited because of Paloma's step by step process.”


LAUREN AUTENRIETH - Hello heart space

"Before working with Paloma and Rock Your Yoga Retreat I was struggling to understand the finer points of marketing and budgeting my retreats. She shed light on creating thoughtful and eye-catching marketing materials as well as how to lead with my WHY. Before I was leading with what I was offering, now I lead with why and how I want to serve my students best. I would recommend RYYR to any teacher looking to expand their offerings to include retreats and don’t know how to get started. The program is easy to understand, and Paloma was there to support me every step of the way and continues to be whenever I have questions. Love RYYR!!!"

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Jomally Fernandez- Yoga teacher

"After teaching for four years and assisting in two international yoga retreats and one local retreat, I was ready to lead my own. I felt really confident about my skills as a teacher but had no idea where to start in the retreat planning process. How to market, who to market to and where to put my focus, energy, and money. I was almost paralyzed by the fear of failure and losing my hard earned income as the yoga retreat business had grown and become increasingly competitive.

I had met Paloma during my first yoga retreat, so when I heard that she was offering a training on how to successfully host a yoga retreat, I was in! Rock Your Yoga Retreat is a clear step-by-step guide to help you identify the kind of retreat you want to create based on your unique talents and offerings and how to go about it. The hands-on tools provided during the training have been crucial in my success as a yoga retreat host because they allow me to see what my goals are and how to achieve them. The best part, Paloma was there all along the way. During and after the training she has always answered questions, encouraged me and offered practical resources to feel confident in my journey. Oh, and I sold out on my first retreat!"


Saerin Ally Cho - Love, Light, Law.

"Before working with Paloma, I struggled with putting down my ideas into an actionable plan.  She was a wonderful listener of my creative (albeit, disorganized) ideas for my business, made countless helpful suggestions for me to think about, and helped me gain clarity of my own unique why and how.  She helped me move forward from the idea phase to the actions of creating my business vision and offerings.  She is a knowledgeable and patient mentor, a creative thinker, an enthusiastic cheerleader, and a caring friend.  I feel very fortunate for having found and worked with Paloma through her yoga business mentorship."


Yesica Rodriguez -Yes Yoga Love

"I had a lot of hesitations about leading a retreat. First, I didn’t know where to start. I didn’t know how much to charge, how to get people to sign up, how to schedule the day, if anyone would even sign up. I felt pretty lost. One of my biggest struggles was to figure out what to charge for my retreats, and how to find the perfect balance between charging a fair price while covering all my costs and making a profit.  Paloma supported me every step of the way in planning my first retreat. My retreat sold out in a flash!  Her methods helped me to simplify the budget & pricing process, protect me from losing money, and  helped me make a profit that was appropriate to the amount of work I put into it."

Jesalyn Eatchel

Jesalyn Eatchel is a yoga teacher, retreat leader, podcast host and holistic healer. In this video she shares how Rock Your Yoga Retreat helped transform her retreat dream to a reality. 


Karen Moore - Yoga teacher and pilates instructor

“Renee and Paloma have helped me jump start my yoga and Pilates retreat planning for 2017. I feel so much more supported and confident in creating my first solo yoga retreat. Renee and Paloma have shared a wealth of information from their collective years of experience so I don’t feel like I have to “reinvent the wheel.”

Carolyn Ruszala

"With Renee and Paloma’s help, I felt at ease about planning my very first yoga retreat. Renee and Paloma are beautiful, positive mentors with a wealth of knowledge to share about the yoga retreat business. When I started, I did not have a website, newsletter, online presence, or a place to host my retreat. Through their guidance, I gained confidence to create and share my knowledge with my yoga students. They helped me set realistic goals and timelines for my retreat planning journey. By giving me the steps and helping me implement them, I got my first yoga retreat planned for 2017!"