For me, the BEST part of organizing a retreat is planning where to go. The destination! 

Do you feel the same way?

I know I’m not alone since we are all globetrotting, travel-loving yogis and yoginis here.

There’s just nothing more inspiring and motivating than scouting beautiful locations for your retreat.

In today's blog post, I’m changing things up a bit and bringing you a fun video interview I did with Jen Coran Corley from WeTravel (

Jen and I have collaborated in the past when we co-created the e-book called "The 5 Key Elements of Planning Successful Yoga Retreats." If you haven't yet grabbed your copy of this free ebook, you definitely should! Here is the link for that.

I invited Jen over to share with us 7 destination categories to consider when you are in the process of picking where you want to host your retreat.

These categories are:

  1. Most Affordable

  2. Most Cultural

  3. Most Off The Beaten Path

  4. Easiest To Get To

  5. Most Health Oriented

  6. Most Non-Yoga Activities

  7. Best Accommodation Options

Within each category Jen shares some of her top pick countries to get your travel wheels turning and get you super excited to plan your next retreat.

We also chat about why she chose some of these beautiful destinations and why they are worth considering for your retreats depending on what experience you are looking to craft for your students.

Ok, I don't want to spoil this fun interview, so let's dig in! Watch it below. 


**It goes without a saying (but I'd like to mention it here anyway), that when picking a country or region to bring a retreat group, you always want to research and check the political stability of the area and make sure you are choosing a safe place to travel to. You also want to avoid seasons where the weather can threaten the retreat experience and safety of your students.

Here are some of the resources both Jen and I mentioned in the video:

->> WeTravel free resource: "Guide to Website Design and Search Engine Optimization for Wellness Professionals"

->> Visit WeTravel and learn how you can use it for your retreats.

->> Ebook: "The 5 Key Elements of Planning Successful Yoga Retreats."

->> The Travel, Teach and Thrive FB community for yoga teachers and retreat leaders hosted by Rock Your Yoga Retreat (come and say hi to me in there!)

Jen and I would love to know: Where do you want to take your students on a retreat?

 Leave us a comment below. We'd love to hear from you!