Facing Limiting Beliefs in Your Yoga Business

Mindset is so important in life. 

We know this as yogis. We teach this to our yoga students. And of course we try practice this ourselves.

And yet, there's always room for improvement when it comes to mindset... because just like in yoga, it takes practice.

In a conscious and heart-centered business, mindset is everything.

We've been reflecting A LOT about mindset in our yoga business lately and with talk about this with our students in our online training The Retreat Design Map and with our coaching clients.

For example:

 "I'm not good at marketing" 

 "I'm not a techy person."

 "I'm not great at adjustments." 

 "I'm not a good enough yoga teacher."

These kinds of "stories" can create limiting beliefs, based on fear, discomfort, or just being unfamiliar with a situation. These limiting stories can prevent us from taking action and moving forward with our dreams and in our yoga business.

They can also prevent us from exploring different parts of ourselves and uncovering hidden gifts and interests that may be buried deep beneath our fears. 

In this video from our Private Facebook Group, we talk about limiting beliefs in our biz + how we've overcome them. We hope you can find it helpful if you are struggling with this yourself. 

(Disclaimer: because it's a FB live video it has weird black bars on each side of the video)

It's "OM-Work" time! 

Here are 4 ways you can face limiting beliefs in your yoga biz + transform them! 


Identify the negative stories you tend to tell yourself. Practice self-awareness without judgment. What stories do you tell yourself about what you can and cannot do? What limiting beliefs do you have about who you are, and who you aren't? Transformation begins with awareness. If possible, write these reflections down in order to get super clear. 


Dive deep into your stories in order to transform them.  Lean into your discomfort and get curious. Make a decision about how you can take action, i.e. learn a new skill like marketing strategies, graphic design,  or creating your own website.  Stay open to the learning process. Who knows, you might even have fun with the learning process! 

3. Make a PLAN.

It's not helpful to have a running mental to-do list of ALL the things you need to learn/do. That can be super overwhelming! Instead write a plan for HOW you will transform your fears & discomfort + create space in your calendar for it. For example, create a weekly appointment with yourself to learn a new techy tool you need for your business. Or, practice hand's on adjustments with friends and family for 1 month in order to get more comfortable and confident with adjusting. The key is to have a loving plan of attack. And if it's on the schedule, you're more likely to do it!

4. Share with us in the BLOG comments

How do you plan to transform 1 limiting belief in your yoga biz right now. If you need accountability, this step is crucial!

P.S. We know many yoga teachers get overwhelmed with the planning process of creating retreats. We've been there ourselves.  But learning HOW to plan is truly an art and a skill you can learn. And with knowledge and a clear plan, it can truly make the difference between feeling overwhelmed and feeling empowered.

Check out our FREE 60 Day Yoga Retreat Planner to help you stay on track with all the things you need to do when planning a yoga retreat.