The Importance of Storytelling for Yoga Teachers

We all have a story.

And as yoga teachers, we share so much more than alignment and breathing techniques. 

We infuse our stories- about life - into our classes. 

Our story is what brought us to the mat and what brought us to share this practice with others.

We know many of our students come to us for more than just asana and pranayama. They come to us because they are drawn to our personalities and to our personal journeys beyond the mat. So it's essential that we bring our WHOLE selves into our teaching.

We can do this by infusing storytelling into our classes, and sharing of ourselves in the way we teach. 

Storytelling is about connection

So in order to CONNECT with our students beyond the mat (in our email marketing, social media posts, and even the way we talk to potential students about what we do) it's so important to incorporate our stories. 

It's a way for us to more authentically connect with our students, communicate our message, share our offerings, and build relationships. 

In our interview with Julia Beauchamp of Speak to Inspire, we talk about the importance of storytelling for yoga teachers and how to infuse more of YOUR STORY into the way you teach and promote your classes, workshops and retreats. 

Check out this fun interview with Renee and the lovely Julia below!



We'd also love to hear your thoughts on this interview and the importance of storytelling in the comments below. Your insights mean so much to us! 


Renee and Paloma

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More About Julia

Julia Beauchamp is passionate about the transformative power of speaking. She's trained in performance, voice and speaking and holds a B.A. in acting. She's taught yoga classes and workshops internationally and infuses this somatic approach into her speaking coaching. She has helped 100's of entrepreneurs (including yoga teachers) to find their most confident stage presence and to be powerful communicators. She believes that each speaker has a unique voice and message and the world truly needs your voice.