How We Stay Inspired: Podcasts That We Love

These days we are ALL ABOUT listening to podcasts. It’s one way of multi-tasking that we actually feel good about.

Washing dishes, driving, or taking a walk can all be great opportunities to listen to an amazing dharma talk, inspiring life story or some practical biz tips from fellow heart-centered entrepreneurs.

The great thing about podcasts is that you can choose to listen to different subjects according to what you're needing or feeling on any given day.

The key is to subscribe to a few podcasts that you love so you have an array to choose from when you're ready to tune in.

There are so many different podcasts out there that no matter what you are in to, there’s probably a podcast for you! Almost all online entrepreneurs these days listen to podcasts and we think more business minded yogis/yoginis should try this too!

Here are just a few of our fav yoga, meditation + conscious-business podcasts on our playlist, and our top pick episodes {so far}:



This is a fabulous new podcast with yogini Andrea Ferretti. She dives deep into the yoga world and interviews well known yoga teachers about teaching, practicing, yoga business, and yoga life off the mat. She’s interviewed some of our fav yoga teachers, including her hubby Jason Crandell, Kathryn Budig, and Amy Ippoliti. We also love that her show seems to be geared towards yoga teachers.


Tara Brach

Tara Brach is an incredibly wise teacher. She does an amazing job of blending ancient eastern philosophy with modern life in such a down to earth way.  Her podcast consists of both dharma talks and guided meditation. And her voice is so incredibly soothing. Medicine for the soul. Some of our fav episodes are: Loving the Life Within Us, Stress and Everyday Nirvana, and Happy for No Reason.


10% Happier

If you haven’t heard of Dan Harris, he’s an ABC newsman who had a panic attack LIVE on Good morning America. Wow! Can you imagine? Well, the incident changed his life completely and led him to discovering meditation. He then wrote a bestselling book called 10% Happier about his journey with meditation. On his podcast he interviews meditators from all backgrounds about the benefits of meditation and how to practice in the modern world. Super down-to-earth, no fluff, and really inspirational. A couple of our favorite episodes are Episode 14 Interview with Rupal and Episode 15 with Gretchen Rubin. 


Mind Your Business

We love this show with James Wedmore (a youtube guru and online business extraordinaire) and his co-host Phoebe Mroczek. They talk about the importance of mindset in business, including the The Art of Feng Shui in Business, Ingredients for Manifesting, and Creating Your Reality.  


Wildish Women: Conversations With Everyday Goddesses

Our dear yogi friend, Jesalyn Eatchel, created this podcast to share the stories of brilliant women doing amazing things is this world. Truly inspiring! And we were very lucky to be interviewed on her show! Check out our conversation about women in business on Episode 9. And one of our yoga BFF’s Yesica Rodriguez, talks about Community and Abundance in Episode 8.


Yogipreneur Radio

Racheal Cook describes herself as a conscious entrepreneur, yogi and mom. She’s created a fabulous podcast for yoga teachers and other wellness professionals where she talks about how to cultivate and support a conscious and sustainable yoga business. A couple of our favorite episodes are The Private Yoga Teacher’s Journey, Earning Your Value in The Yoga Market Place, and What Trainings and Certifications Can Really Help Me Turn My Passion into a Yoga Career.


We hope you enjoy this podcast-playlist. We'd love to hear what you think in the comments below. And if you have any podcasts YOU love, please share them with us too! 


Renee & Paloma

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