Should I Use Facebook or Instagram Ads to Fill My Retreats?

Should I use FB and IG ads to fill my retreats?

This question comes up almost every time I'm helping a client with their retreat marketing. 

I know you must be wondering if ads work to sell out your retreat too.

I sure did when starting my retreat business and let me tell you, and I made more than a handful of mistakes trying FB ads. 

We see ads everywhere on social media, and they seem to work great for other businesses.

So, would they work for you as a retreat leader?

I invited my dear friend Lynan Saperstein from the The Experience Experts (you may have seen her here on the blog before!) to chat about this topic so we can help demystify the world of FB and IG ads for you. 

Lynan is a marketing expert with years of experience in the retreat industry, and we both love nerding out on marketing together.

This video is a good overview of FB and IG ads for your retreat marketing if you are newer to the world of social media ads.

We talk about when it is appropriate to use them for your retreats and the different concepts you need to understand when deciding to use ads. 

Some of the points Lynan and I touch on are:

  • What you need to know before using FB and IG ads to promote your retreat

  • What the best strategy is when it comes to marketing your retreat: organic traffic vs. FB and Instagram ads

  • What the heck is a Facebook pixel?

  • Who you should target with your ads (aka your "target audience")

  • Why we think ads are better as a long-term community growth strategy vs. a quick fix to fill-up your retreat

Watch the video below and let us know in the comments if you've used ads for your retreat. If so, what results did you get?

Lynan and I also decided to do a second interview where we touch on some more specific ad strategies for those of you who feel ready to dive into ads, so stay tuned for that here in the blog shortly.

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