3 Essential Steps to Take Before Planning Your Yoga Retreat

These days so many yoga teachers around the world are choosing to lead yoga retreats as part of their offerings. We are excited to see this trend!

We personally know how yoga retreats can help you grow your career and offer your students a transformational experience they will never forget. It’s a win, win!

So if you are dreaming of planning a yoga retreat, thinking about the location, theme, extra activities, and other fun details - Awesome!! Envisioning is the initial step in retreat planning. You have to be inspired before you can get down to the nuts and bolts of the planning process.

But in order to have a successful outcome you need to have a a few basic important things in place before you get into all the fun details of planning your dream retreat.

This will help you create solid foundation for your retreat planning process, not to mention save you lots of  time and possible stressful situations.

Stay tuned because in the next 3 blogs post we are going to dive deeper into each one of these 3 components (that’s how important we believe they are!) plus some ideas, tools and actions to take to get it done, but we first want to give you an overview of them all.

So before you move forward with booking your location or planning your retreat schedule, here are 3 things you need to take care of PRONTO!

1. Survey Your Students

Your retreat is not just a way for you to expand your teaching beyond the studio. Your retreat is FOR YOUR STUDENTS! So it’s important to find out what they want and it takes the guesswork out of retreat planning.

It requires some detective work to of get to know your students (and potential students - who you want to attract).

It is about understanding your students needs and desires on a deeper level. You’ll never go wrong with any of your offerings when you know exactly what your students want and need from you.

This aspect is crucial when planning yoga retreats as well as any other aspect in your teaching.

So whether you have an organic conversation after class, reach out through an email, or create an online survey, do your homework and ask your students what are they are looking for in a retreat experience.

Don’t be afraid to get specific, i.e asking about WHERE they’d like to retreat, for how long, how much do they want to practice yoga, etc.

2. Have a Website

You may already have a website, so this might seem like a no-brainer. But many teachers don’t have websites.

So if you don’t have one, it’s time to get one! This is your platform for your retreat sales page, where you can easily take online registrations and online payments.

Gone are the days of paper registration and paying by check (sigh of relief!). People today do EVERYTHING online, and you want to make signing up for your yoga retreat as easy and accessible as possible for your students.

Your website is like your own little online corner  where students (especially new ones) can learn more about you and your teaching style.

There so many ways make a website. You can hire someone to do it for you, or you can do it yourself. We are big fans of DIY to get get started because it’s more affordable and easier to make changes and updates to your site as needed. We’ll share some ideas for pages and tools we like when it comes to creating a website that rocks in our upcoming blog post about websites. You don’t want to miss this!

3. Have an Online Email Marketing List

Again, you may already have this up and running. If so, high-five my friend! But if not, it’s time to get on board with the program. Using an email provider is essential to creating your LIST of students (past, current, potential) who want to stay up to date on your yoga offerings. There are lots of email providers out there, i.e Mailchimp, AWeber, Infusionsoft and Constant Contact.

So why do you need an email service instead of just sending out from your gmail account?

Well, first off beautifully designed emails will make you look more professional. If your students are going to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for a yoga retreat, they want to feel confident that you take your work as a yoga teacher seriously. But there are many countless benefits to having a business email service provider, from tracking how many people actually open your emails to being able to schedule campaigns in advance and learning the best times to send out emails.  

Beyond the studio emails are a super important way to reach your students.

By having an email list of your students, you can easily keep them informed about all of your yoga offerings, including classes, workshops and retreats. If they don’t hear from you or see you on a regular basis, how will they ever know what you are up to? So do yourself, and your students, a favor by getting started building your email list with a service provider now!

In the future blog post about online email list we will show you who we use for our email service provider (it’s actually free to start with) as well as some fun ways to customize it. We’ll also share ideas of how to capture your students emails.

So there you go. We covered the 3 major steps you need to take before you even get started planning your yoga retreat. Sometimes all the business and techy stuff can seem overwhelming. But honestly, it all comes back to how you approach things.

Remember your yoga mindset of exploration, curiosity, self-study, and mindful breath as you get to work on these foundational tools for your business. Who knows, you just might have fun too!

Stay tuned for the next weekly 3 Blog Post where we’ll go much deeper into these 3 tools, why they really matter when creating your retreats, and we'll help clarify some important concepts as well.

Hope this got you inspired to take action in your yoga biz. Until next week!