The Importance of a Website to Grow Your Yoga Community (+ Free Website Guide)

“Should I have my own yoga website?”

This is the golden question we often hear from yoga teachers, both students and peers. Our answer is “Heck yeah you should!”

“But why? I don’t sell anything online. At least not for now." There are so many reasons why having a website is super important when you are a yoga teacher.

It can have a huge positive impact on your yoga business. It’s also super helpful when planning and filling your yoga retreats (as you probably know by now, that’s our thang!)

In our recent blog series we've been talking about The 3 Essential Steps to Take Before Planning Your Yoga Retreat. In our last post we covered Survey Your Students: Find out what your students really want BEFORE planning your yoga retreat. We recommend you read both of these previous posts to get the scoop before diggin’ into today's website fun.  

Ok, so here we are at Step #2: Having a Website

Why did "website" make it to the 3 Essential Steps list? We hope this post will help you understand the importance of why you should put your precious time and energy into creating a yoga website.

We also created something really special for you this time. We know how hard it can be to get started creating your own website and that's why we have a FREE WEBSITE GUIDE you can download called: 8 Steps To an Awesome DIY Yoga Website.



Get excited and let's dig in friends!


There are many reasons why websites are a must these days for business.  An increasing number of people (in our case our lovely yoga students and potential students!) live and breathe more and more in the online space. It wouldn't be smart to ignore this reality.

Not having an online space to “meet” your  students can truly mean you’re at a loss when it comes to making new connections and clients as well as maintaining your current students.

This is the overarching reason why going digi and having a website is crucial. Let’s look at some other reasons WHY:

1. A website is a space to have your students get to know all about WHO you are at their convenience.

In this busy world we can’t always expect to take two hours after class to catch up with students (especially if you have other classes to teach elsewhere). Websites offer a space for your students to learn more about YOU and what you bring to the table as a yoga teacher, i.e. teaching style, teaching philosophy, values and beliefs, and your story (how you became a teacher). This can be so inspiring to students and the reason why they choose YOU as their teacher.

2. It’s a place to refer your students.

Simply give your students your URL to know more about your class schedule, upcoming workshops and next amazing retreat. Easy peasy for both of you.

3. When you have a website you open another line of communication with your students.

This is a place where they can connect with you, and you can nurture the relationship further. Having a website does this 24/7, like an assistant that works for you around the clock. How ‘bout that!

4. Not only can students learn about your offerings, but it’s also where they can REGISTER  & PAY for workshops, classes and retreats.

Your students shouldn't have to hunt you down to give you a check or cash. Taking registration and payments on your website is super convenient for your students AND for you. It also helps you keep track of your payments for accounting purposes.  

5. A website can help you expand your community. Our favorite reason!

Grow your yoga community beyond your classes. Just think about how connected you feel to teachers you love and follow online that you may have never met in person. The way we do this is important and the potential is HUGE. To think we can inspire and motivate someone across the world, in another continent, is truly fascinating right!? We could not do this without the World Wide Web and a website to call our own little digital kula.  


Ok, so now you’ve decided this is something you want to do. Fantastic!

There are many decisions you have to make when creating a website but it all really comes down to this question:

"Do I DIY-it or hire a web designer to do it for me?"

You are ultimately the one to make that decision of course. You need to take into consideration all the pieces of the puzzle in your life: finances, time, willingness to learn, basic knowledge, etc.

We decided to DIY-it and could not be happier we’ve gone this route. So far we’ve created 3 different websites and being able to do it ourselves meant we could do it on a shoestring budget every single time (not to mention we gain some mad website skills in the process!)

Although we may hire a web designer in the future to be able to customize more to our needs, we now have basic knowledge and understanding of our website and feel confident in managing this part of our yoga business.

This is priceless. We know you may not be able to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars to hire web designer off the bat so DIY websites may be your only choice (our case in the beginning).

That said, there are definitely great things about hiring a professional to do it for you.

Let's look at this info-graphic we made for you bellow with few things to take into consideration before making your website decision:

DIY vs Hiring

Ultimately, when deciding between DIY or going with a web designer, it's all about knowing yourself:

  1. Are you an intuitively a creative and visual person?
  2. Do you like learning new techy stuff?
  3. Do you have a general idea of what you want on your website (branding, fonts, colors, look and feel, content and copy, etc.)?
  4. Does it make you feel scared or are you at least a little bit excited to DIY-it?
  5. Do you have some helpful resources to turn to when you get stuck (i.e. a techy friend, brand savvy partner, web designer client, a yoga teacher peer that has done it before)?

Regardless of how you answer these questions, we want you to know that there are DIY options made for people that have no techy background whatsoever, so don’t get discouraged.

If we did this -with ZERO techy background- so can you! Before you know it you’ll have a place online to call your home… your own beautiful yoga website!

The important thing here is to NOT get stuck in doubt, overwhelm and fear. Instead, take the DIY process step-by-step.

To help you get on-track with creating your yoga website, we've created a super awesome info-packed WEBSITE GUIDE that you can download FOR FREE: 8 Steps to an Awesome DIY Yoga Website