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Yoga Retreat Planning Workshops

The 5 Key Elements of Creating Successful Yoga Retreats

The 5 Key Elements of Creating Successful Yoga Retreats is a live in-person workshop geared towards yoga teachers and retreat leaders who are curious about retreat planning or ready to create amazing travel + yoga experiences around the world.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • The benefits of leading yoga retreats (for you, your students, and your yoga biz). 
  • What it takes to create a unique retreat theme that's aligned with your purpose + what your students want and need in a retreat. 
  • How retreats can help you expand your reach and grow a strong yoga tribe
  • Retreat logistics 101
  • How to stay organized in your planning process and get things done (the sthira and sukha of retreat planning)
  • Mindful marketing strategies that feel authentic and true to you
  • Retreat budget and pricing tips
  • How retreats can fit into the bigger vision of your yoga business

How long is the workshop?

This workshop is between 1.5 to 2 hours long and incorporates content presentation, an exercise for the students, Q&A and open discussion (note - the student exercise is only incorporated in the 2 hour workshop).

The workshop is broken down as follows:

  • Group circle gathering, introductions and ice-breaker
  • Content presentation and delivery of the 5 key elements
  • Student exercise focused on one of the 5 elements so students can dive deeper (we break down into small groups)
  • Group discussion and feedback
  • Q&A time

Workshop download and gift

We offer our all of the workshops attendees material for the exercises and we send them a 5-page PDF via email with a summary of all the content we went over in the workshop. We’ll also offer a special discount on our Retreat Design Map online training to all participants who want to continue their retreat learning process with us.

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who it is for

who it is for

Who's the workshop for?

This training is specifically designed for yoga teachers, retreat leaders, and studio owner/managers.

There are 3 different ways to offer the workshop at your studio or venue:

  1. As a freestanding workshop open to the public, for any yoga teachers interested in learning more about yoga retreat planning
  2. As part of your YTT in addition to the "business of yoga" portion of the training
  3. As a special workshop for your yoga teacher trainees post YTT, or as an “elective” portion of your YTT

Depending on the type of workshop you are interested in (1, 2, or 3) we modify the length of the training between 1-2.5 hours to fit the need and time availability.

How this workshops benefits yoga teachers

Retreats can play an integral role in the success of a yoga teacher's career and serve as an extra revenue stream for both teachers and studios.

The problem is that many teachers out there, although super eager to plan their retreats, just don’t have the tools and the knowledge to plan yoga retreats that are successful.  We’ve seen countless yoga teachers confused about how to budget & price their retreats right, and how to get the word out and fill-up their retreats. Many end up losing money, or even having to cancel their retreats because they don’t get enough sign-ups. Unfortunately, this can cause teachers and studios to give up, and never want to plan a retreat again.

why we created this workshop

We know first hand how hard it can be to plan yoga retreats, specially when you're trying to figure it all out on your own without any guidance. We saw the need to fill this gap of knowledge and support when it comes to leading yoga retreats. That's exactly why we created Rock Your Yoga Retreat and our online training program, The Retreat Design Map, which is a step-by-step process of how to plan, market & lead amazing yoga retreats. 

We want to empower yoga teachers and studios with the skills and mindset needed to lead successful and transformational yoga retreats. It all comes down to having a clear roadmap, guidance, and support.  

Our mantra is: Travel, Teach and Thrive. The more teachers we help in planning successful retreats, the more students around the world will deeply benefit from the transformational and healing aspects that an immersive travel and yoga retreat experience can offer.

want to host this workshop?

If you are interested in hosting this workshop, contact us below so that we can set up a time to chat about the details and price. Please make the subject line "Interested In Hosting Workshop". You can also email us at contact@rockyouryogaretreat.com.


workshop benefits

workshop benefits

Who we are

Rock Your Yoga Retreat, is an online platform that teaches yoga instructors across the world how to create their dream yoga retreats, grow their yoga business and serve more students.

Our online training

We have an online training called The Retreat Design Map where we teach a comprehensive, step-by-step process of how to plan, market and lead successful yoga retreats. This program was born from many years of experience in planning retreats + our passion to help yoga teachers to travel, teach & thrive with yoga retreats. 

Our approach

Our training offers a unique approach to learning how to create yoga retreats aligned with your WHY + the needs and desires of your students. In addition to all the nuts and bolts of retreat planning, we also focus on mindset and how to authentically communicate your message. This training is comprised of the 8 Limbs of retreat planning, everything from the initial stages of desire to how to incorporate retreats long-term in your yoga biz. It’s designed to help yoga teachers not only lead successful retreats, but to also gain the business tools + mindset to thrive in their yoga careers.


who we are

who we are

Host the workshop

If you would like to host The 5 Key Elements of Planning Successful Yoga Retreats please contact us below to get more information on how we can make this training work for you. Please make the subject line "Interested In Hosting Workshop".

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