Hi, love!

I want to tell you a little more about Rock Your Yoga Retreat.

Let start we why we do what we do. What Rock Your Yoga Retreat is all about. The reason we exist!

We help yoga teachers and heart-centered entrepreneurs to travel, teach and thrive.

But, What does that mean?

It means we are here to guide you to find more clarity and purpose so that you can feel more empowered in your business.

It means we help you transition from feeling overwhelmed, doubtful and burned-out in your business to finding more ease and confidence to build a business that is more profitable, sustainable, and that is in alignment with your passion, goals, and dream.

It means we help you plan amazing yoga retreat around the world while you grow you dream tribe. 

You see...

I feel like we need more passion centered businesses that are dedicated to helping others in this world. We are in desperate need of more women that truly live from their heart and that start business that matter beyond the $$.

Those are OUR peeps

Our community. Our tribe. People, like you that we are inspired and motivated to serve and uplift every single day.


How ryyr got started

Yoga Retreats

Rock Your Yoga Retreat started in 2015 helping yoga teachers plan, market, and lead successful yoga retreat.

After having many retreats under our belts, and some amazing lessons along the way, we saw the need to help other teachers plan their retreats.

Planning retreats is like running a small business, and for your retreats to be successful, you need to own the planing process.

So we have put the pieces of the puzzle together and mapped out the steps to retreat success - everything from budgeting, to marketing strategy, to pricing and payment processing, to mindset, intention, to holding space for retreat students.

Today we have such a wonderful community of teachers that we've helped in the retreat planning process through our online teacher training called The Retreat Design Map.

Building a Thriving Business

We are not only helping yoga teachers plan amazing retreats around the world. We also help them build their dream businesses.

To lead successful retreats and create amazing offers/services that truly serve your clients, you NEED to have a solid business foundation.

Most yoga teachers feel lost, overwhelmed, overworked and alone when trying to get their careers off the ground. We are here to help and support teachers you like you find a way to build their dream business. That is our message and our mission. To help you create that solid foundation from which you'll grow a strong and passionate business.


A little about me

Paloma Neuman, founder and owner

I’m a lucky gal because I got to see the world at a young age and live in countries like Sweden, Nicaragua and Bolivia.

I have always been passionate about traveling and experiencing other cultures and lifestyles.

As a little girl I used to love sitting in the airport fantasizing about what great destinations people were headed to. This world has so much to take in! 

Years later, after I finished law school and worked in several jobs and industries, I found myself unhappy and stuck. It was then that I decided to create my own dream career.

I merged my passion for yoga, travel and philanthropy in to one business. I’m grateful to be able to work organizing yoga retreats, meet amazing people and teach others to follow their dreams.

Today I live in sunny San Diego with a surfer-hubby and beautiful science-loving son. I run two businesses, a household and practice yoga in the mornings. I hope to help yoga teachers create beautiful retreats and build a yoga business they LOVE.

Some fun facts:

  • Yoga pose I can't live without: Twists (all of them!)
  • Yoga pose I love to hate: prasarita padottanasana
  • Book I can read over and over again: When The Body Says No (Gabor Mate)
  • Travel-yogi bucket list: Ruins of Petra
  • One thing I can't travel without: my fave hand lotion