What we do

Well, officially we guide yoga teachers in how to travel, teach, and thrive by planning successful yoga retreats.

And what we REALLY do is help yoga teachers live their dreams. We help yogis transform their careers from teaching too many classes in the studio, living paycheck to paycheck, and getting burned out, into having more profitable, sustainable, and inspired lives.


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As you know, life does not always follow a linear path. But somehow along this meandering journey, we found each other through yoga.

From Disillusion to Transformation

After a few years in the yoga biz we quickly became disillusioned. We were running around town teaching in studios, working long days, trying to make ends meet, and getting burned out. There had to be a better way! So we took the leap and decided to begin leading yoga events and retreats.

We struggled big time too!

We laughed, cried, and stumbled along the way.

Retreat planning was an instant rush of excitement, but it wasn’t always rainbows and butterflies. Sometimes things were tough and we've made many mistakes (or rather had learning opportunities) along the way - everything from partnering with the wrong people, to under-pricing our retreats, to marketing failures by the dozen.


And we learned some amazing lessons along the way

Our successes and mistakes have transformed us. After over 10 years of planning retreats, we have put the pieces of the puzzle together and mapped out the steps to retreat success - everything from budgeting, to marketing strategy, to pricing and payment processing, to mind-set, intention, to holding space for retreat students. 


You have to walk the retreat path to understand what it takes. 

Nothing beats experience.



Renee Gauthier

Cliff Notes

  • Yoga pose I can't live without: urdhva dhanurasana
  • Yoga pose I love to hate: Pigeon
  • Book I can read over and over again: When Things Fall Apart (Pema Chodron)
  • Travel-yogi bucket list: Sri Lanka
  • One thing I can't travel without: My water bottle

A little more...

I live in San Diego with my hubby, baby girl, and dog. My journey with yoga has been full of twists and turns over the last 20 years.

Eight years ago I finally made the leap to become a yoga teacher. After my training I was eager to teach and make this my career.

I said yes to everything and got great experience teaching in diverse settings. But after years of driving all over town to teach, I realized my batteries were being depleted and the money coming in was not enough to sustain me.

I decided to make a big shift and start teaching private yoga out of my home studio and planning my dream yoga retreats.

Of course there’s been fear and doubt along the way, but focusing on building my own business has helped me feel more confident, empowered, creative and inspired about my life’s work. I want to share what I’ve learned in my own journey with yoga teachers who are ready to create more profitable, sustainable, and inspired ways of life.

Paloma Neuman

Cliff Notes

  • Yoga pose I can't live without: Twists (all of them!)
  • Yoga pose I love to hate: prasarita padottanasana
  • Book I can read over and over again: When The Body Says No (Gabor Mate)
  • Travel-yogi bucket list: Ruins of Petra
  • One thing I can't travel without: my fave hand lotion

A little more...

I’m a lucky gal because I got to see the world at a young age and live in countries like Sweden, Nicaragua and Bolivia.

I have always been passionate about traveling and experiencing other cultures and lifestyles.

As a little girl I used to love sitting in the airport fantasizing about what great destinations people were headed to. This world has so much to take in! 

Years later, after I finished law school and worked in several jobs and industries, I found myself unhappy and stuck. It was then that I decided to create my own dream career.

I merged my passion for yoga, travel and philanthropy in to one business. I’m grateful to be able to work organizing yoga retreats, meet amazing people and teach others to follow their dreams.

Today I live in sunny San Diego with a surfer-hubby and beautiful science-loving son. I run two businesses, a household and practice yoga in the mornings. I hope to help yoga teachers create beautiful retreats and build a yoga business they LOVE.