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RDM affiliate program


RDM affiliate program

The retreat design map Affiliate Program

The Retreat Design Map (RDM) Affiliate Program is a strategic partnership with yoga studios and senior teachers to enhance yoga teacher trainings with additional yoga business education. Through the Retreat Design Map Affiliate Program you will have the opportunity to offer your YTT students, graduates and staff a comprehensive online yoga retreat training led by Rock Your Yoga Retreat.

What is the Retreat Design Map?

The Retreat Design Map is a comprehensive online teacher training program that educates yoga teachers in how to plan, market, and lead unique local and international yoga retreats. The training provides yoga teachers with 35 hours of Yoga Alliance CEUs.

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Training Content

The Retreat Design Map is composed of 8 modules that include video lessons and actionable OM-work materials. The training is laid out as a step-by-step process so that students can have their first retreat planned and ready to promote at the end of the program. We also offer support through our private FB community dedicated to RDM students. The FB group is where students can get feedback, ask questions, and connect with fellow students. 

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course Delivery

The Retreat Design Map training is hosted online within our Rock Your Yoga Retreat membership site. Once students enroll, they're given immediate access to all of the course materials. Each of the 8 modules contains video lessons + actionable OM-work so that they can implement the training and make real progress. The course materials are available to students for 1 year from date of purchase. 


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Program Length

The Retreat Design Map training is designed to be completed in 60 days, with 8 modules that correspond to each week of the training. RDM is focused on implementation, and we want our students to make progress with every module. That said, students have the choice to go at their own pace. That's the beauty of online learning! And with the course available for an entire year, students can return to course materials as needed. 

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Benefits of the Retreat Design Map for YTT students, YTT graduates and studio staff

  • Learn the 8 Limbs of yoga retreat planning: how to plan, budget, price, market & lead transformational yoga retreats around the world.
  • Know how to create new and exciting retreat offerings that will help you grow and thrive in your yoga career.
  • Easy, intuitive and actionable online learning. You can go at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home and decide how you are most comfortable learning. Although we have designed it to be an 8-week long course, students have access to the training for a year.
  • Multi-disciplinary learning: the training is composed of multi-media videos, audio, actionable “OM-work,” and an online community of support.
  • Continuing education- 35 hours of CEUs for Yoga Alliance

How the Affiliate program works

As an affiliate to The Retreat Design Map you can join our community of strategic partners to earn passive income as you help yoga teachers grow and thrive in their yoga careers. It's simple. For every student you refer and who enrolls in the training, you'll receive a 40% commission.

You have 3 different options to sell and promote the Retreat Design Map. You can choose the ones that fit you, your studio or Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) the best:

  • Add the Retreat Design Map to your current YTT offerings as an add-on training
  • Promote the RDM training to your YTT students separately once your training is in progress, or right after your own YTT program is over
  • Promote the Retreat Design Map to your YTT alumni and staff teachers

You will get your own unique affiliate link which you will use to promote and sell the Retreat Design Map. You'll also get support for us in the form of a digital Affiliate Toolbox with marketing materials for email, social media and print. We also offer an extra bonus for every 5th student you refer + free retreat mini-trainings for affiliates who sell more programs.

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Join The Program

Join The Program

Who can join our affiliate program?

Yoga Studios and YTT Hosts

If you are a studio owner and manager that hosts regular YTTs and/or other continuing education for yoga teachers, you may be a great fit for our affiliate program.

Connected Yoga Teachers

We also welcome seasoned yoga teachers that love to connect and network with other yoga teachers and peers.

Application Process

We choose our affiliate partners on an individual basis, to ensure our program is great fit. In order to start the affiliate process, we welcome you to fill out the application form by clicking on the button below.

We'll be in touch with you as soon as we review your application.  

Further details about the affiliate program, commission structure and other benefits are discussed within the application interview. To learn more, please fill out application form below. 

Read more about The Retreat Design Map online training is by scrolling down.


The Retreat Design Map

The Retreat Design Map

learn more about the retreat design map

The Retreat Design Map is an online training for yoga teachers. Inside the training, we teach the step-by-step process to successfully plan, promote and lead your dream yoga retreat. We're here to teach you everything we've learned from our many years of planning both local & international retreats.

In this comprehensive training you'll learn:

All about retreat logistics.png
Set a Strong Retreat Foundation
Become a Great Retreat Leader
Budget and pricing for retreat success

and how to:

Build Your Dream Yoga Tribe
Deliver an exceptional retreat experince
Retreat Marketing
Create a Unique Retreat Theme
Grow Your Yoga Business with Retreats

It's Easy and Intuitive

With Retreat Design Map you can learn online, in your own time, and in the comfort of your own home. All this without having to commute or travel, take time off work, or let go of any other commitments!

You can Learn at your own pace

We designed this course to help you plan out all the details for your yoga retreat in 60 days.

That said, you also have the freedom to go at your own pace, as fast or as slow as you want. With the multi-media videos, tons of actionable material + community support, you can feel confident and empowered to learn it all without overwhelm.

There will be lots of inspiration & Support

You'll also join our private Facebook community (strictly for Retreat Design Map students) to get peer support, ask questions, stay inspired + weekly live Q&As with us. And we'll provide you with weekly messages straight to your inbox to help you stay on track & productive in your retreat planning journey.

You can only grow when you Invest in yourself

In the Retreat Design Map, you not only learn skills & strategies to transform your yoga biz by leading retreats, but also:

  • Count this training towards your continuing education for Yoga Alliance 35 non-contact hours.
  • This training can be a tax write-off.
  • Your investment in this training, just like any great business training, can actually help you grow your earning potential and create a more financially-sustainable yoga business. This is an investment in yourself, your dreams, your quality of life, an your yoga career.

Carolyn Ruszala (RYT 200)

Carolyn Ruszala
With Renee and Paloma’s help, I felt at ease about planning my very first yoga retreat. Renee and Paloma are beautiful, positive mentors with a wealth of knowledge to share about the yoga retreat business. When I started, I did not have a website, newsletter, online presence, or a place to host my retreat. Through their guidance, I gained confidence to create and share my knowledge with my yoga students. They helped me set realistic goals and timelines in my retreat planning journey. By giving me the steps and helping me implement them, I got my first yoga retreat planned for 2017!

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Inside the Retreat Design Map Training

Inside the Retreat Design Map Training

Retreat Design map Sneak-peek

The 8 limbs of the retreat design Map

The Retreat Design Map online training has 8 limbs (course modules) composed by video lessons + actionable OM-work designed to get you results in every step of your retreat planning journey. 


training components

You'll get access to all the course material inside our Rock Your Yoga Retreat Membership Site + support via emails and private Facebook group.

Video Tutorials

video lessons & tutorials

In our video lessons and tutorials, we'll guide you through the entire curriculum in an easy-to-follow & fun way. Each of the 8 modules has 1 to 2 videos {30-50 min long} + corresponding OM-work.

Implementation Om-work Icons Sales Page.png

Implementation OM-work

You'll get downloadable OM-work in the form of exercises, swipe-files, workbooks and templates to help you implement the content as you go. We're all about taking action!

Course Support

Course Support

You'll get email support, in the form of weekly tips + inspiration straight to your inbox. We'll also hold weekly live Q&As and other types of support inside the private Facebook Group just for our students.


Stay productive and motivated

60-day yoga retreat planner

The Retreat Design Map was created to help you get your yoga retreat up and running in 60 days.

We created the 60 Day Yoga Retreat Planner to show you step-by-step what to complete each week in order to get your retreat planned in 60 days. The Planner will help you stay productive, motivated, and accountable throughout the training.

BONUS! You can use this planner + ALL the other downloadable materials each time you plan your retreats. It's yours for life!

keep track of all your retreat finances with one easy tool

Retreat Budget and Pricing Tool Icon

The Retreat Budget and Pricing Formula is an online Excel tool we created that will help you:

  1. Calculate your entire budget
  2. Figure out the number of students you need for your retreat
  3. Decide on your pricing options
  4. Estimate the profit you'll make for your retreat

All you need to do is plug in the numbers and it will do the calculations for you! It's that easy. No need for to be an Excel wiz to use it! In Module 5 we'll show you how to use the Retreat Budget & Pricing Formula Tool with a step-by-step tutorial video.

Module by module overview

Module 1 Icon

Module 1: The Why

In Module 1, we’ll guide you through the process of getting clear and connected to your purpose for leading yoga retreats. We'll also show you how to craft your Yoga Story in order to authentically connect with your students and market your retreat. This module will help you create the foundation for your entire retreat planning process.

Icon Module 2

Module 2: Your Ideal Retreat Client

In this module you'll learn how to get clear on WHO you want to serve + how to define your Ideal Retreat Client (IRC). We'll teach you HOW to understand your students & potential students in order to serve them better. This is essential to create a retreat your students WANT to sign up for + help you grow your dream yoga tribe!

Module 3

Module 3: Unique Retreat Theme

In Module 3, you'll dive in to creating your Unique Retreat Theme. We'll walk you through our awesome Unique Retreat Theme Exercise where you'll learn how to design a unique retreat theme that's aligned with your WHY + your Ideal Retreat Clients (IRC). We'll also teach you about other important things to consider, like the Pros and Cons of Partnering and Co-teaching your retreat.

Module 4 icon

Module 4: Retreat Logistics

Module 4, is all about Retreat Logistics: deciding on your location, date, name & food for your retreat. This Module has 2 lessons:

Lesson 1: You'll learn how to choose the right Location & Accommodations for your retreat.

Lesson 2: You'll learn how to Name your retreat + decide on the best dates for your retreat. You'll also learn how to choose your chef or caterer + craft a menu aligned with your retreat theme. 

Module 5 Icon

Module 5: Budget and Pricing

In Module 5, we'll cover everything there is to know about budgeting and pricing your retreat for success. 

Lesson 1: you will learn 4 important steps to Budget & Price your retreat. We'll go over:

  • What types of expenses are part of a retreat budget + how to categorize them
  • Determine the Minimum Viable Number of Students in order to cover your expenses + make a great profit
  • How to price your retreat for success
  • How to set up an online registration & payment system, keep track of your payments, Terms and Conditions, waiver and Cancellation Policy

Lesson 2: We'll teach you how to use our Retreat Budget & Pricing Formula. This is the tool we created (that you get to keep!) where you can easily punch in the numbers to calculate your budget, minimum number of students, pricing options, + estimate your retreat profit. This tool truly takes the guessing-game out of your retreat budgeting! In our video tutorial we will walk you through how to use it step-by-step.

Icon Module6.png

Module 6: Marketing Your Retreat

This module is one of our favorites because we know how much yoga teachers struggle with marketing their retreats. Module 6 has two lessons:

Lesson 1: We'll teach you the 7 Steps to a Rockin’ Retreat Sales Page. You'll learn HOW to create a retreat sales page that will motivate and inspire your students to sign up. This is one of the most important steps in marketing AND filling up your retreat!

Lesson 2: You'll learn how to strategically promote your retreat with our Retreat Launch Marketing Strategy. We designed this strategy to help you promote + sell out your retreats without feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

Module 7 Icon

Module 7: Your Retreat

Module 7 will help you prepare for being the best retreat leader you can be + offer a transformational retreat experience. You will learn:

  • How to cultivate a retreat experience for your students from the time they sign up
  • How to map out a balanced retreat schedule
  • How to weave your Retreat Theme into your schedule, classes, meals and activities - from beginning to end
  • How to be a great retreat leader - how to “hold space” for your students, avoid burn out, deal with problems that may arise, and how to be in-tune with your students' needs on and off the mat.
  • We’ll also go over how to create a follow-up plan for staying connected to your students post retreat

Module 8 Icon

Module 8: Evergreen Retreat Strategy

In our last module, we'll show you HOW to incorporate retreats into your yoga business long-term. The Retreat Design Map is not only about creating a one-time retreat. It's about learning how to create the life you want to live.

Our mission is to help you TRAVEL, TEACH & THRIVE by leading amazing + successful yoga retreats. In Module 8 we'll show you HOW to apply the skills you learned throughout the Retreat Design Map course to create a vision & plan for your retreats with our Yearly Retreat Vision Exercise. This will help you to continue leading successful yoga retreats and growing your yoga business.

FAQ about the training.png

Training FAQ

Training FAQ

Have questions about the retreat design map?

Read our FAQ below!

You have the freedom to go at your own pace. But because we designed it to be a super actionable training, we recommend 60 days to complete the course. And at the end, you can walk out with a ready-to-go retreat!

How long is the Retreat Design Map training?

How do I get my training material?

Once you enroll in the training, you'll get an email with your personal log-in details and links to our online Rock Your Yoga Retreat membership site. You can access all of the training material (videos, worksheets, additional bonuses, etc.) inside the membership site. Here you can also manage your account, change your password and keep track of your progress.

How long do I have access to the online membership?

You'll have access to the member-site for 1 whole year! The downloadable materials are yours for life and are meant to be used time and time again while planning your retreats. You can download all the OM-work worksheets, swipe files, bonuses and module content slides from the membership site to your computer.

Is the entire training online?

Yes, RDM is an online training. All the modules, worksheets, bonuses, and support online. We also have a private Facebook Group where we host live Q&As and offer support, guidance and inspiration for the course. 

What if I have questions during the training?

Qs about training content:

If you have questions about the course content, you're encouraged to visit our RDM Private Facebook group where we'll be available to answer questions every week through our live Q&As. Inside the Private FB group, you'll also receive help, encouragement and support from your course-peers, so feel free to post inside the group anytime (i.e. if you need feedback, help with mindset, question about tools and more).

Technical Qs about your membership, payments and log-in details:

Please email:

How do I get results?

The entire training is structured to get you results by implementing what you learn + taking action in each module. After each training video, we encourage you to immediately dive into the OM-work while it's fresh in your mind and you're feeling motivated to do it.

Because we want you to walk away with your first retreat planned and ready to go, we created the 60-day Yoga Retreat Planner to help you stay on track with all the tasks you need to complete week-by-week in the Retreat Design Map.  

**Please know that, just like other types of education, your results will depend on the amount of effort you put into the training. We designed the training to be as easy and simple as possible, but we need you to match that with commitment and accountability to reach your goals.**

What exactly will I walk away with after this course?

You'll walk away knowing the 8 limbs, or key steps, to planning a successful retreat + how to use yoga retreats to grow your yoga business and attract your dream tribe! This training teaches you the HOW in an easy step-by-step process. You get to implement all that you learn as you go, take action and make progress with every module. At the end of the training you'll not only learn everything you need to plan a successful retreat but you'll also feel confident and prepared to add retreats as a regular offering in your yoga business.

Do I get Yoga Alliance hours for completing The Retreat Design Map?

Yes! This training counts for 35 non-contact continuing education hours. 

Do I get a certificate of completion?

Yes! You'll receive a certificate that shows you completed The Retreat Design Map. We're all about celebrating the hard work you put into the training. We'll be doing a happy dance with you!